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Camera Equipped Drones



Section 6(2)(1) of the Vanuatu National Cultural Council Act [Cap.186]

on direction of the Vanuatu National Cultural Council, all foreign RPAS / Drones equipped with a camera and Pilots, are required to be registered through the VKS drone management unit and issued a valid VKS Drone and Pilot Registration PRIOR to use in Vanuatu.

All operations must be undertaken in compliance with CAAV Rules Part 101.


For RPAS Registration purposes there is no distinction between commercial use or recreational / personal use.


The first step to Registration is to create a RARN
(RPAS Aviation Reference Number) Login Account.



* All non-resident foreign drones and operators SHOULD Be Registered At Least 2 WEEKS Prior to arrival in Vanuatu and will be checked at Customs


- arriving with unregistered drones could cause major delays to your plans and be held by the Authorities - if in doubt ~ declare it !

* False or misleading information will invalidate your Registrations !


Steps to Register a RPAS Operator & RPAS (Drone) by a Visitor to Vanuatu

* This RPAS Registration is only for Operations that can take place in compliance with CAAV Rules Part 101. and weigh between 100 grams and 15 Kilograms and Drones are equipped with a camera.

Operations under CAAV Rules Part 102 require direct authorisation by the Director of Civil Aviation Authority Vanuatu.

After completing your RARN Registration and logging in you will now find 2 new menus - > OPERATOR / PILOT < and > RPAS / AIRCRAFT <.
These menus take you to the registration forms for both pilot/operator and rpas/aircraft.
These are the official Registrations required to fly and operate a drone under Section 6(2)(1) of the Vanuatu National Cultural Council Act [Cap.186].

1. Select the menu at the top of this page “OPERATOR / PILOT”

2. A form will now open with space for the Operator / Pilot details.

3. Choose the correct Registration through the options presented (Visitor or Foreign Media)

4. Complete all questions (fill in all the required details or your registration will fail)

5. Click “Process Registration”

6. A Confirmation message will be displayed and your application will be pending on payment clearance and confirmation from Paypal.

7. Upon payment confirmation, a further confirmation message will be sent to you and the Registrations becomes Active


Repeat the above process for each further required RPAS / Aircraft Registration required by choosing the correct option for your RPAS or multiple RPAS


Registration Payment Receipts:

Your Registrations will only be Activated and create a Receipt on payment.

1. Go to “My Profile”
 under the 'Registered Users' menu drop-down options.

2. Open the option 'Subscription History'

3. Download the Receipt PDF under the final column - Invoice Number 

4. Print out your Registration PDF Receipt and keep a copy with your RPAS and yourself when operating your RPAS


RPAS Registration consists of 2 separate registrations*

- RPAS Operator registration (the person flying the drone)

- the RPAS - Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (drone)

 The registration is

  • RPAS Operator - $50 for each pilot
  • RPAS (drone) - $50 for each RPAS

*Operator (16yrs Min).

* Please note:

Registration Applications become Cultural Council documents under the Act
- severe penalties exist for submitting false or misleading information !